Quote 31- Happiness — ~A Soul That Delights~

“Happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” – Frediricki Koeneg What are you grateful for today?🙂 Have a great weekend! Briane R

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The First Step

SO, I’ve been thinking for a while of creating a blog and only now decided that now is the time. I feel like im going through such a huge change in my life that is probbaly in some ways, something i’ll be able to talk about and hopefully it will allow others relate to it.

I feel like SJP from Sex and the City doing a ‘Carries dairys’ this is crazy!

First off I just want to start with just explaining why i’ve created this blog. I’ve always had a strong opinion, when it comes to a lot of things i’m always the first to have an oppinion both good and bad. I believe in EVERYONE having a voice and being able to express it and to be heard. Im not sure if anyone will have, but I watch a lot of ‘Ted ex talks’ and I personally find them so interesting to the point where it will be 4am and i’ll not even realise because i’ve been sat watching Brene Brown talk about Vunerability over and over again. To sit and just listen to someone and what they have to say, what there interests are or what they’ve been doing for the past 7 years, whether it being doing research or just annalysing the human self, it’s still so fascinating. Another reason being, I LOVE WRITING! (although at times my teachers will have told you it was a task and a half getting me to write one paragraph let alone a full blog) I feel like being able to just write down something that your feeling or thinking or anything at all is a gift in itself. You could literally write 3 words and yet there would be so much behind them simple 3 words.

This blog could go 1 of either 2 ways, it could be really great and people will read them and want to see more of what I have to say…or it could go really bad and I could be the only one reading it! Which ever way, whomever is reading this I look forward to writing for YOU.


“Quiet people have the loudest minds”

-Stephen Hawking